This is the final mock up. Small corrections will be made and transfered to the real C.B.-case. On the aft top end a step will be made. It is the inspection hatch that fills two functions. Click once or twice to enlarge picture.

This is the same motif seen from a different angle. The aluminum profil indicates the top of the deck house.

Above is a picture of the pattern of the NACA-profil that will guide me shaping the C.B. The hydrodynamic properties are compromised in favour of strenght. To get a good nos radie I have chosen a NACA 0020, that is 20% thick, nos radie 8.6 mm. The real C.B. is 43 mm without lamination. The virtuel chord is therefore 215 mm. The chord of thereal  C.B. is more than 700 mm. I have therefore split the profile at its maximum thickness, that is 30% from the leading edge and inserted a parrallel section of the missing lenght.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind