Cleat maybee not but a device for securing a rope. It started as a handhold on Exlex but soon due to its increadible strenght was also often used as a device for securing ropes.

Now on the Exlex the Canoe Yawl it will replace the stainless fittings. Its a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the weighrt, takes a fraction of the time to make and it distributes more easily the forces over a wider area the basic idea of strenght.

Below a few pictures of how its made.

This is an enlargement of a bigger picture showing Exlex in Porto Santo Madeira
Exlex in her workshop. The picture shows several handhold around the main hatch.
How its made. First a rope in NM-epoxy. After its cured wrap a string around it and saturate with NM-epoxy. Pieces of carbon fiber anchors it strongly to where ever you like to have it.
An even stronger cleat with four legs spread out. Very strong, very light, very cheap, very fast to make.

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To  be continued…

Regards Yrvind