I have now started to work on the Divinycell. Below is a picture where I glue two sheets together. As clamps I am using rigging screws and Dynema rope.

Below is some pictures of the modell rigged for differnet wind conditions. First from the side with the wind aft.

The above picture shows the unstayed masts. They are leaning 14 degrees outboard. In heavy weather I will use the windward one and one sail. The mast then contributes to stability.

The total lenght of the masts are about 2.4 meters and less heavy than an oar and can easily be moved arond.

In real strong vinds I will use a short mast 1.2 meter long 0.9 meter above deck and a reefed sail.

This boat is much smaller than Yrvind Ten. Only a third of its displacement, 500 kilos with food and water ready for a long high altitude passage. I have lost interest in Around in Ten.

The boat I call her Yrvind XLX .5 is 4.6 meter long. The outside beam is 1.04 meter, the inside beam 0.96 centimeter. Headroom below deck is 0.7 meter. XLX stands for Ex Lex meaning without law, with the European Small Craft Directive in mind .5 means half a metric ton = 500 kilo.

Wheight is a better measure of size as it is more difficult to cheat with it.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.