Yesterday the last of three packages for my crossing to Martinique arrivied. This morning I filled up with the exellent Porto Santo water. I have now about 70 liter. More than enough for a leasury philosophical voyage. I will take my time enjoying the beutiful ocean life.

I hope the crossing will take a long time. I prefer the life on the ocean wave to life ashore.

I am testing the SPOT tracker to make shure you can follow me. It works.

I have rearranged things aboard. The anchor and the fender are now mowed from the forehatch to the back on the outside. I have mowed some sails to the forehatch. This has brought the center of gravity further back. Good for down wind sailing.

I will do some more diving scrubbing the bottom more and buy some more luxurary privisions like cakes and chocholate.

Before leaving my webbmaster told me I must use Mac not PC. The Mac gives less trouble but it uses a different system for pictures. It will take me a long time to relearn. Thats the reason for no pictures.

I hope to have learned to the Mac photo system to the next boat.

The wind is from the south it seams like a big depression is uppsetting the usual weather pattern. In the end of the week it may bee back to normal and then I hope to be ready to leave.