I did the line with the help of a laser beam. I heeled the boat 22.5°. That is easy on a small boat especially if you have 6 chain hoists above.
Finding sheer with the help of an inclined plane is nothing new. I guess its been don for thousands of years with the help of a string and a stick on the stem and stern. Just angle the sticks to the desired degree. This has the advantage that on a bigger boat you do not have to heel her.
At the same time I did a sheered waterline.

Below are pictures.

Marking the sheer with the help of my laser beam. Exlex is heeled 22.5° The laserline is weak in the good workshop light. Click once or twice to enlarge.
The pice on the floor is the cut of. Exlex now have a more nautical look. With less freeboard it is also more easy to work on her inside from the outside.
The bow of Exlex photographed from my book archive.
With the boat on even keel I have made some small adjustment to my drawing. The mizzenmast is mowed 30 cm aft. The bow compartment is 10 cm longer to 2.5 meter. The aft compartment is 10 cm shorter to 1.9 meter. The bow centerbord is changed. In the main she is as planned.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind