The deck is now laminated on the outside. Inside I have to do the fillets and taping so the boat is now uppside down once more.

I have also weighted the boat she came out at 426 kilos. That is to my liking becouse her waterline is 5.5 meters or 18 feet. There is not much more to add except the rudder and centerboard the hatches and a few odd and ends. Anchor and lead batterys will also add weight but a guess is that the painted boat will be about 600 kilos me and food and water for 60 days will add about 200 more kilos. To me it seams reasonable the she will weigh about 800 kilo at the start of a ocean passage. That gives a displacement ratio of 137.  Most cruisers land somewhere between 300 and 450 at the start of a passage, racers are lighter. The figure for to be able to plane given is belov 150. There are of course other criteria for to be able to plane as a suitable hull form. I think Exlex minor has such a hull. Where she does not shine is sail area to displacement, but wind pressure increases with the square of wind speed. Given enough wind and down wind she might be able to plane, but that is speculation. Hopefully I might find out coming summer.

Me in the fore hatch from where I can handle th fore sail. A tunnel through my bedroom and the saloon leads to the aft hatch from witch I can handle the aft sail. A safe lay out for a man born 1939.
Weighing the boat Aft measurment 285 kilos Fore measurment 141 kilos Distance between points 299 cm I use that number if I like to calculate longitudial center of gravity.  426 kilos total.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.