I am working with details. One such is trying to bend a PVC-pipe 90° for the ventilation system. To inform myself I search the internet. It did seems that many person was not succesful. Full of confidence I reasoned this does not applay to me becouse I am smarter and I knew a few tricks. First I filled the pipe with sand and copressed it well, then I made a mould to guide the pipe. When the preparations was done I gently put som heat but just on the outside curvature. The result looked very good and I felt justified in being proud of myself as can be seen in the picture below. Click once or twice to enlarge. The lunch-box in the background on my right side with lid on. The hull of Exlex Minor will supply the missing lunch-box side.

Myself proud after having succesfully bent the PVC-pipe.
Unfortunately taking the bend out of the mould I saw that the inner radieus had a kink and the bend was for my purpose and all others useless. However I have not run out of ideas and will be back.

Also more work is being done on the lunch-box. The lunch-box will be situated in the aft part of the boat. Above is a hatch that in breaking seas can let in water. To prevent that water from enter the lunch-box I am making a labyrinth. Below a photo from my sketchbook.

The first sketch of the labyrinth.
The lunch-box with the labyrinth. I am holding the lid in my hand.
The lid will be scruwed down with two M8 scruws as was succesfully done on Exlex and tested during my 40 day voage from Ireland to Madeira earlier this year. It seems such a long time ago but I have not even been back for three months. The 30 mm long bronze nusts will be securely anchored in the lunch-box.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind