I am mocking up the doors between the inner and outer compartments. The idea of the inner compartments is that they shall stay dray at al times whatever the outside conditions. The outside compartments is for manouvering, tending sails, anchoring, oarwork and such. Those activities will be done from the hatch like the man in the kayak. The inner compartments are for sleeping reading writing navigating deigning and such also the saloon for eating and leasure with a 360° from the deckshouse.

Picture and video.

The bulkhead to the front compartment with centerboard and the side by side masts. First I made a door on the starboard side. Then I realised that the it interfered with the masts. Then I made one traverse with a dropping door. Then I realised that I could make it smaller and lower. I have reduced its size by 5 centimeter less up and down distance and 10 cm vide. It is also 10 cm lower down. I decided to lower the whole deck masts and everything by 10 cm. Now I have found a good balance. Byrålådseffekten is what we call a drawer when it gets stuck because its wider than long. I solved that problem. realising that the stucking is caused by it not moving parallell but twisting and that a diagonal thus making it longer. There is one geometrical figure that do not get vider by rotating, the circel. I thuse made the short ends part of a circel and the problem is solved. I used that idea on previus boats. Its failproof. The door is opened by lowering it. Keeping the door high up also creates a partial bulkhead. Good for preventing water from entering the inner dry compartments.

A video
To be continued…
Regards Yrvind…