Exlex is now painted

Exlex is now painted. I have not done a good job of it but I think its OK with father Neptune that I spend time on more important things than finish. I do start to see the end of the building process. What still is failing is solar panels and to connect some electrical wires to test the AIS navigation lights and other things.

Hopefully I can get her into the water in the end of this summer for a test sail. The test sail will give me an indicatien of her speed thuse I can calculate her range and possible destinations.

Now and then like to day I put out a video on my youtube channel so subscribe. Hopefully the videos will be better.

Also please support research and development of these small seaworthy low energy boats.

Two pictures below.

The happy owner of Exlex and the newly painted boat.
Same boat and the happy owner now aft vieuw of the boat.

To be contiued…

Regards Yrvind