My idea is to create a good cruiser. I like her to be small, simple, have shallow draft, be trailerable, be propelled by sail and oar.
For me this is an interesting design and building problem.
An interesting test would be to trail her to Ireland or Norway then sailing south and doubling Cape Horn.
For many the ideal cruiser is a well equipped fifty footer. The prise for such a boat ready to sail is abot a million dollar and the yearly running cost about 10 % of that.
The present boat Exlex is a canoe yawl with a bow pivoting centerboard. She will have 84 kilos of lead as mowing ballast.
She is 6.27 cm long, have a beam of 1.4 meter, with a draft of about 0.4 – 0.5 meter.
She will have two freestanding, rotating, side by side, masts with a length of about 3.5 above deck. Each of those mast will carry 3.5 square meter sail area. In addition 0.5 meter from the stern is the mizzen mast she will have 1 square meter sail. In all she will carry 8 square meter sail area, twice as much as the previous Exlex.
Her displacement with food and water for 100 days is estimated to be about 1 metric ton.
I believe my idea is more realistic as she will give more satisfaction, give less worry. One more good thing is that she will use far less of our non renewable resources.

Below two pictures of the 1:20 modell.

Exlex on the wind
Exlex sailing downwind.

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To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.