Today Petter helped me to laminate the extension.

It went well.

Below are 3 photos.

Petter and me.

One more from an other angle.

Me and Ex Lex.

The boat is getting closer and closer to my “Boat Ideal” which is today 7.8 meter long by 1.3 meter beam. Ex Lex is 5.65 long by 1 meter beam.

Yacht design is an iterant process “Boat Ideal” will have the same square section. I wonder if she will go to windward without leebord or other lewaypreventing devices.

Might not the flat sides function a bit like a chinerunner now that she has a lenght/beam ration of six?

When healed over say 20 degrees she presents a lot of flat surface to lee, several square meters, many times more than other boats keels or centerboards. After all a hulls weatherliness is the ratio of her resistance to lee compared to her resistance forward. A long slender hull with flat sides has much to speak for her although a fin keel is more efficient per unit of surface the slender hull more surfaces and uses them in other ways to, like to get a very low displacement lenght ratio, say below 150 and for a given displacement a longe waterline lenght.

She will most probably not be as weatherly as a finkeelboat, but well satisfay my desires as well as give a uncomplicated shallow draft cruiser.

Also for my use, in the narrow boat I can make a much better layout.

Klick once or twice to enlarge.

I think Ex Lex will give me a good indication of how “Boat Ideal” will work.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.