I am now building up the mould. The plywood has to be faired to fit. First I do a rough fit with the help of a spline and some lead weights of the sides. After that the bottom sheets is put on. Now I am fairing with surfaces instead of lines. That is far easier.

The aft part of Exlex is ready for the Divinycell. The spoon bow will be much more difficult to get a good shape on. I will take my time to do good work on that.

Below some pictures.

First me with one of my favorite splines. I have had it for many years and faired many boats with its help.

Below a close up of the same spline or batten.

Below, aft end of Exlex ready to take  the Divinycell sheets after first being insulated with plastic film to prevent them from sticking to the mould from epoxy that finds its way there.

The page “Exlex Minor the Idea” is uppdated 25 August 2018

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind