After slow progress good progress is made.

The sails are mocked up. I was abel to shorten their masts by 25 cm and that is a good thing. The masts now stand 1.9 meters abowe deck about 6 feet 4 inches. 25 cm do not seam a lot but consider that in a capsize the masts peripheral speed will be slower, that water will be softer by the square of the inverse speed and that a shorter mast is stronger than a longer.  Also the mass moment if inertia increses by the square of the gyr radius and there will be less wind resistance. These qualities combined makes a noticebel difference. Its desirable to have a short mast. Shorter mast are also less expensive than longer ones and they require less paint. Exlex have three masts. She is like many of my previus boats schooner rigged. She has two free standing masts and a topp mast that is set in light winds. All 3 mast and all 3 sails are identical. That way the topp mast can be used as spare mast and the topp sail can be used as a working sail.

Good news is also that I have today weighted the boat and she did not come out too heavy. Her weihgt is 490 kilos, not including spares, batteries, rudder and a few other items. My geuss is that the empty boat will be a bit more than 600 kilos and with me and water and food for 60 days 8- 900 kilos. I am happy about that. It is much less than the previus Exlex that I cruised the North Atlantic for 40 days in 2018. Also the center of gravity of the new Exlex is much lower than the previus one. This Good News makes me happy.

Below some pictures. Click once or twice on them to enlarge.

Mainsail windward side from aft.


Mainsail seen from lee. Due to low ceiling Exlex is healed.


Fore sail looking aft.


Foresail looking foreward, me in background.


The weights of boat and the 3 masts

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind