When building a small boat, deep clamps are good to have. When my former small boat laboratory was illegaly attacked by the oil company (It was situated right on top the worlds lagerst stock pile of oil, 2.7 million cubik meters which they now intended to use. The stock pile was originally intended to be used in the eventuell war against the Sowjet Union, now the oil company planned to use my land. Only problem was my lack of respect for big buisness )  I won the battle but  lost a lot of tools and had to mowe to the other side of Sweden.

To expose the oil companys illigel action I had made a counter attack on their head quarter using smoke grenades in front of most of the Swedish news media including four TV-teams

The alarm went, the police was on its way the companys security force seized me

Minutes later the CEO was informed. Of course the last ones he wanted on the place was the police that would have taken the case to court and exposed there criminal activity even more. They police were ordered back and I released. The action topped the Swedish news that day. I won the battle but the locals did get angry they lost a lot of emplyment and I had to leave town a half finished boat and most of my tools. In my book Konstruktören you can find a chapter dealing with the episode.

Just a few weeks ago I replaced two of the lost 50 cm ( 20 inches ) deep clamps. Today I needed one of them. I was setting the lids of the Yrvind-cleats in bedding compound but could not get enough pressure on them to make it flow. I had tried with my hand I had used the stronger muscles of my leg to give my foot enough pressure on them, to no effect. Finally with the help of the heavy deep clamps it went easy as butter. I was pleased.

By clicking twice on the picture you may just see a bit of black bedding compound beind squized out.

To bee continued…

Regards Yrvind.