Got wheels and safety belt

The project have now gone into finishing details

To get the boat out of the rather cramped workshop it has to be rolled.

I have made an axis and put 4 wheels on her. I made the wheels out of hard polyurethan rubber subblaied by UW-elast Mariestad, the bronce bearings is from Lagermetall Örebro.

When the going is good and the ground is flat the wheels are attached to the boat. When on a beach with soft sand or big boulders or in rocky mountains where the terrain is rough the wheels is put on the ground and the boats bottom is supplying the smouth surface.

In fact the boat can even become its own bridge. Illustration Martin Mörck from my book: Konstruktören 2003

Me strapped down in my bunk. I use a diameter 12 cm fender as pillow.

Viuw from the bow

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

I have added a safety belt for stormy weather.