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Yesterday I took delivery of a new kayak. Should I spend time enjoying myself on the water instead of building on my boat?

Lutherans would say of course not. In defense of myself I say it is for my health.

If I do not take time build my health I have to spend time being sick.

And what is health worth?

Ask the sick man.

It is a LISA  VKV-kayak. Ingvar Ankervik is also in the picture. The color is RAL 1023 Verkehrsgelb (traffic yellow for those of you who do not speak german). YRVIND TEN will be painted in the same color. I do look fat and hunchbacked. It is because I wear a high volume floating device below the blue jacket.

On Monday I turn 73 and a ½ year. When I was younger health was taken for granted. When I was nearing 60 I started to run not to lose it. When I was nearing 70 I had to start doing exercises. Now I am adding kayaking.

I am fit as a fiddle, running 10 k twice a week, paddling several hours at the time, doing exercises twice weakly. Had I been the average Swede I would die in 5 years time at the age of 78,5 and be sick the last ten years of my life. I hope to mess about in boats for at least an other 50 years.

Regards Yrvind.