During our years of sailing in the seventies Janneke always suffered terrible from seasickness. Now there is a cure based on the chinese acupressure method. After our nice holliday sail Janneke wishes to make the following statement.

Before I met Sven I had no sailing experience at all.

So when sailing on Bris for the first time I discovered that I was one of those people suffering seasickness. I did not take it too serious so I came on board to cross the Atlantic Ocean and round Cape Horn. I did suffer severe seasickness for three weeks. I could not eat or drink anything and eventually I fainted.

At last my body got used to the movements of the sea that I could eat enough to survive.

Now many years later with our Västbris, I was quit worried as you may understand. Sven had heard about Seaband and bought a pair for me, it might help, who knows.

Well it sure did !!!

I did not feel seasick at all, not even at sea the day after a storm with high waves and a rolling boat, I was feeling just fine.

So now I know what to wear being at sea.

Janneke Schokker

Regards Yrvind