Today I fitted the last strip or plank to the mock up hull.
To celebrate I took a gulp of water from my bottle. It did not take me long to realize that I had taken the wrong bottle and that it was acetone. It was a mistake. I spit out most of it.
I do make mistakes, an other one was to use strip plank construction. Now after having worked with it for some time I do realize that it will be to much cutting up of the Divinycell and gluing. That will make the boat heavier and create bad insulation. I will go back to developed surfaces like Exlex minor. Strip planking worked well for my smaller boat 4.9 meter long and 0.96 meter beam and 3 cm Divinycell of the year 2003. The planned boat will be about 8 meter long and about 1.3 meter beam and the Divinycell 5 cm. Scale makes a difference.
Anyway yacht design is an iterating profession and the next part will be to explore the living arrangement and find out how to place centerboards masts etc. It will be  instructive.
Below are some pictures.

Al the stripes or planks in position
The water and the acetone bottle. The taste is different.
 The small boat 4.9 meter long and 0.96 meter beam. 3 cm Divinycell strip planking worked well.
Exlex Minor under construction.
The modell I used to create Exlex Minor. The lines of the planned boat will be similar but finer bow and and a double ender symmetrical fore and aft. Again I will use a moddel to get the lines.

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To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.