This morning I finally reached Kinsale and the boatyard where I am going to launch the boat. I am at the moment sitting in the Kinsale Yacht Clubs club room.

It has been a tiring drive but  very interesting. Like at sea I use no radio for entertaining but listen to my inner voice.

I have crossed four major water barriers whith my car and trailer. First on the new long bridge from Sweden to Dennmark. Then on a ferry from Denmark to Germany. Luckily I passed Hamburg and Bremen late at night. The next day I came to Calais in time for an afternoon ferry. The ferry company told me that if I waited to past midninght the price would be less than half and even that was not cheap. Therefore a few hoers waiting saved me a lot of money.

I drove past London during the night avoiding a lot of traffic. Next day I had missed the Fishguard Rosslaire ferry to Ireland by five minutes. Next one was 2 30 in the morning so not much sleep this night either.

Luckily I found my way without to much trouble to Kinsale Boatyard. George, the boss promised to help me and gave me a good price.

At the boat yard I will bottom paint her and put up the masts.

I also met some nice people on an old Colin Archer who told me the could help me to bring the boat to the boat club marina.

Now I am very tired and it is a long walk to the boatyard therefore this is all for today.