I belive that boat should be designed with inherent seaworthiness. That is boat is inherent seaworthy if it has a low level of getting into danger when the weather turns bad. For example my boats have centerboards that can be retracted when running downwind before a storm. That reduces the danger of broaching too. My boats are waterproof upside down, that in combination with freestanding strong masts and a secure place for all items eliminates the problems associated with capsize and pitchpooling. My body is fat adapted thus I do not need to eat or use the bathroom in bad weather. My boats steer themself. That eliminates the need for autopilots and windvanes that can break in strong winds.

I now also design the new Exlex, the Canoe Yawl as a symetrical double ender, . That way she can set a parachute anchor or drouge as desired from aft.

Sailing a boat with that low level of getting into danger when the weather turns bad is relaxing.

Below a video illustrates the thinking.

Thanks to evryone that has donated to support my project in connection with my 82 birthday the 22 of april.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.