Yesterday the Mullion insulated flotation suit arrived from Bövik marin. In September 2007 when I and 19 year old Captain Grahn crossed the North Sea from Norway to Scotland in an old Albin Vega we where cought in a equinoxial storm. We had no heating it was could and our ship Maja leaked from abouve. It was the Chinese water torture. Fortunatley Bövik Marin had supplied us with the Mullion insulated flotation suit. That saved the trip. Do you also want to have comfortable voyages across stormy seas? Contact Bövik Marin and they can supply you with the comfortable  Mullion insulated flotation suit. Old leaky Vegas are cheap. For example today there is one on Blocket for 10 000 kronor and you are all set to escape the Corona virus in comfort.

Below me in the Mullion insulated flotation suit close to my beloved Exlex the pride of all the oceans.

It comes in a handy bag.

Besides reciving fantastic gifts and donations now and then for which I am grateful, I am working with the sails. I have healed Exlex about 45°. That enables me to step the mast and rise the sailes. That way I will be able to trim lazyjacks and and sheets.

The week after next I plan to travel to Stockholm and give talks at the boat show. Coming back about 15 of Mars it time to start making food for 250 days and fill Exlex whit it, well stowed.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind