When doing the hardware for attaching the anchors the following qualitys where desired.

1. The should be well secured in any weather.

2. When I was going to use the small anchor I did not want to undo the big 15 kilo anshor to reach it.

3. The storage should take as little place as possible and be “friendly”, that is sharp edges should not unnessesarrily hurt me.

4. The anchors center of gravity should be as low as possible and its gyr radius as small as possible.

The following pictures shows how I solved the problem.

The hardware is secured with 47 screws. Each screw is good for about one hundred kilo. The anchors weigh 15 and 6 kilos.

First, the shank of the 15 kilo anchor is secured.

Second. The Shank of the 6 kilo anchor is secured.

Third. The heavy head of the 15 kilo SPADE anchor is secured.

Finally the head of the 6 kilo anchor is secured.

I can remove the shaft and head of the 6 kilo anchor while the 15 kilo is secured.

Information for the landlubber: When at sea, seagoing lashings will be used.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.