The lids for the airlocks have to be very good, waterproof and such tings.

For me that means thick gaskets and large radius. I use closed foam EPDM rubber. I do not use a conventional hinge with a fixed axes. That way I can tension the lid all around.

The present opening is a bit larger than previus ones 40X60 cm with radius of about 11 cm.

The first try showed that there was to much friction in the tensening line, that is tensioned with a home made over the center device.

I am now building rollers for the line, 7 in all to reduce the frictione. I do not have much space in the upper part where the lid turns so this will take some time.

Also the tire on my bicycle was getting to worn a bulge made the wheel bumpy. Before I could get a new tire there was a puncture. I was talking to a man before leaving work and before knowing there was a puncture. He left in his car. I turned to leave on my bike but there was no air. Had I known that I would have asked him for a ride. That would have saved me a 40 minutes walk. Next day he told me that he had a puncture on his car tire. Odd!

I am still trying to get a certificate that I had 2 vaccinations in order to fly to my boat on Madeire. The doctor told me that the policy is to cure sick people not to help people to get sailing. I am working on this bureaucratic problem. hopefully finding a solution soon because I am eager to go sailing the big blue deep endless eternal sea.

Video below.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind