Today and yeasterday everything takes time, I have been working on cleats and hooks to fix the forward door in open and closed position ( there is also possibilities if so desired to fix the door in intermidiate positions, for exampel in rain or hard on the wind when spray is flying.

I use cleats and hooks and string or thin chock cord to get tension.

Abstract I like to have axial rather than radial forces. That is I like to have the string pulling the door towards the bulkhead.

Below photos:

The cleats and hooks are made by gluing Tufnol to plywood using NM-epoxy. The bolts are weights while the glue is setting
In this picture you can see how the string is pulling the rotating door towards the bulkhead. I do better knots later and use shock cord.
This picture shows the door closed. To the right is the dagger board trunk. Clicking once or twice on the picture you may also see the horisontal axis that the door rotates around.
The door is now open hidden behind the dagger board trunk, you may see a tiny strip of it and the pin. Behind the open door is my sleeping room, behind that one more rotating door, then the aft cabin. Exlex is very spacius and sympathetic. She bee very comfortable to live in for one or two persons.
The string, 3 mm – 1/8 inch, when the door is open stays on the cleat nicely coiled, ready to use.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind