After Pierre the illustrator Michael Tatschl is here helping to put my thoughts into rhino 3d models. He can be reached at:


I have changed the mast arrangement on Yrvind Ten. The two side by side masts is not longer connected by spreaders. A darling has been killed; there has been some give and some take. I deeply regret that I no longer so easily can climb the masts and that I lost strength. What I have gained is: the whole system is now much lover down and the hinge pin secured in a simpler way and as can be seen on the picture above one mast can be lowered if desired in strong winds. I have decided its an over all gain. Also I can give the two mast individual rake in light wind so that with the two sails up the do not interfere.

We have also been working on Pierre’s and mine next boats. They are small cruisers; here small refers to displacement not length. My next boat has half Yrvind Ten’s displacement and nearly twice its length. Pierre’s boat is a bit different mine is shown below going to windward in a breeze one mast up.

Abouve going downwind in light air. Thanks; yes we forgot to raise the leeboard. Things like that happens when you are excited and in a hurry.

Regards Yrvind