The main bulkheads are in place. they are now also filleted and taped with carbon fiber +45°/-45°.

Next step is to do mock up of water storage. There is 12  five liter jerry cans. 6 on each side. Empty ones can be moved to leeward. I think I have found some AGM batteries with the same with 19 cm as the jerrycans.

Also in the stern a mock up for a lazarett is made. It will be the place for oilskins, diving flippers and mask. There will also be a snorkel although my lack of teath make the use of it difficult.

Below some pictures.

The six jerrycans on the port side, further aft comes batteries
Aft end below deck is the intended place for the lazarett.
Each container holds full about 5.6 liters of water. Twelv of them gives about 67 liters. Add to that 7 one liter bottles for daily use and it makes about 75 liters. Now in Exlex Minor where I got more space I also plan to have grape fruit oranges and apples as water containers. Fruit have about 90 % water.
Putting carbon tejp on the edges of the panels for the water storage and the lazarette.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.