I have now illustrated the modell with sails. There are 5 masts. A change have been made to the foremost mast. Its now a Ljungström rig that furls dobble sails on a rotating mast. Rigging the modell I realised the was more advantageus. It enabelded the fore hatch to slide foreward when openend because the mast is further forward. It like the other masts are selfsupporting, getting more space around the hatch. It was also more simpel doing away with the jib furling mekanism right at the bow.

Now one of the aft mast will be made of glass fiber to house the VHF-antenna.

The picture below shows Exlex Minor with all sails up on a broad reach.


The picture beow shows Exlex Minor running before a strong wind. The big masts and sails are stowed on deck and the aft sails are reefed. The twin Ljunström sails are out one on each side, wing and wing  about 120°, controlling them with short whisker poles. Work on the foresails is safely done from the forehatch. The main cabin is closed with a waterproof door.

I am ready to start building. I only need plywood to get started with the full scale sailing modell.

To bee continued…

Regards Yrvind