Hi friends.

I am working on the lines for my canoe cruiser. Below is three 1/10 modells.

The first one 5.4 meter long from the year 2003. The two  other now both 7.68 long carbon reinforced one lineray stretched by 1.42

The one not yeat finished stretched paraboliccaly to 7.68 to give her a bit more volume in the ends. The parabolic stretching gives fuller ends. The parabolic is a squared function, like the series 1  4  9  16  25 …

The beams of all 3 modells is 1.28 meters. Thuse the lengt is six beams long. Modern boats are unfortunaturally only 3 beams long because lenght is nowadays so penelised. But traditionally, before engines many boats used the six beams lenght for easy resistance, when powered by oars and sail. The first naval arkitect and by definition the greatest, God instrukted Noa to use those proportions when building the Ark.

Accordingly, Noah’s instructions are given to him by God (Genesis 6:14–16): the ark is to be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high (approximately 134×22×13 m or 440×72×43 ft)

The Azorian whaleboats where 12 meteParabolic curves have pleasing shape.r long with a boam of 2 meter. Very seaworthy boats. The Cornish pilot gigs had similar proportions as do the Venetian Gondola. According to Wikipedia they are Today’s gondola is up to 11 m long and 1.6 m wide, with a mass of 350 kg, Often five persons are on them one man rowing.

One more exampel of a group of succesful narrow boats are the Swedish skerry cruisers. They are slender boats, with low freeboards and tall rigs. In 1923 Westin designed a 40m² boat which was 15.2 metres long and had a beam of only 1.74m – a length to beam ratio of nearly 9 to 1.

Gerdny 18.8 long with a beam of 2.85 designed by Erik Salander, 6.7 beams long is an other example.

Captain John Voss famous canoe Tilikum in wich he sailed across the three oceans 1901 had similar proportions, 11.5 long 1.68 beam

The beam on the two stretched modells increased by about 1 centimeter when the frames was remowed. That was not intended. I hope to be able to control it better on the full scale versions

I am now ready to start building the full scale wooden, sailing mockup. The planking will be 15 mm plywood or so. I look forward to an interesting Christmas and New Year.

I have been talking to the plywood man. Now I have to do estimate of how much material I need.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.