The surface shape of the C.B. is now cut. Time for one more mock up. Everything was OK in the hull. However now I had to figure out how the control lines were going to find their way to the deck. I did not want them inside the boat becouse that would bring in water in one form or other. The original plan was to conduct the down-haul in a pipe straight up to the top of the deck-house. But there was the sliding hatch making that impossible. It had to come out foreward of the deck-house.

Picture one show the C.B. in the down position. click once or twice to enlarge.

Picture two shows the C.B in the up position.

Picture 3 shows the drawing of the sliding hatch. It is a pen drawing look close.

Picture 4 shows a piece of plywood around the roller preventing the rope from getting stuck between the roller and the C.B.-case. One of these anti-stuck pieces on each side of the C.B.-case.

Picture 5 shows the dawn-haul roller. It has a much bigger diameter. The reason is to lift up the rope some centimeters to clear the top of the C.B. Here the C.B. is in the down position. The lower rope dissapears up through the deck when the board is raised. It is the other rope that has to stay clear as the board mowes foreward.

For service, to change rope etc. there is a slot in the deck leading to the C.B.-case. At the back above the big diameter roller there is a service hatch.

To bee continued…

Regards Yrvind.