Thanks to the mock up I have been abel to refine Exlex Minor and fix the position of the bulkheads that I have started to fabricate and install.

Below are pictures of the work. Click once or twice to enlarge.

There will be no place aft for a guest. The space is planned for wet gear. This also gives me the possibility to sit lenghtwise and athwartship. The picture shows the mock up of the miniature half bulkhead.
The same miniature bulkhead seen from the side.
Working on the main bulkhead. Here I am tejping the two skins of the sandwich construktion together. There will be a lot of running through this door so edges that can take wear is desirable.
Installing the bulkheads. The fore bulkhead close to the camera have been moved aft 40 cm, the main one in the background have been moved aft 30 cm. Captens cabin 190 cm long is between the two bulkheads. The effect is that the fore cabin is now very roomy. It is 240 cm long.
An unexpected advantage of the new mock up is that it has created a guest cabin in the foreward part of Exlex big enough for a modest size girl. Who knows what magic the future will offer?

To be contained…

Regards Yrvind.