Today was spent on improvements. The results was very satisfying. I was able to reduce the space between the plate and the hull to about 2 – 3 millimeter at the worst places. Yesterday it worst place was 9 millimeter. To achive it I drilled holes through the hull and tightend them considerabel the 12 mm plate yealded and the gap closed.

Below two pictures.

Me being happy with the result. By clicking once or twice you can see tha gap on the depth gauge.
Some of the stainless steel M6 boults in place. When the elastic NM-epoxy have set they will be replaced by 1/4 UNC silicon bronze countersunk screws. Silicon bronze screws and phosphor bronze plating is the ideal combination regarding marine corrusion silicon bronze ist very close to phosphor bronze but slightly more nobel. That means that if any corrosion should happen phosphor bronze is transported to the silicon screws. There is much more of phosphor bronze than silicon bronze so this is according to the book.

This is the dry run. For the real stuff I need 4 or 5 friends and more NM-epoxy. Monday I will start to organise the event. Intill then there is other stuff to take care of.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind