I use a rather improvised method, not the most efficient, but OK and economical if you only design one boat every few years. Below waterline and up to the sheerline I use offsets from a half modell, abowe that I use a simpel analytical method parabolic for the sheerline and and deckbeam, linear for the deckprofile.

I note the measurments on a yellow paper. Becouse I use this kind of thinking not dayly, but rather seldom I often get confused and do mistakes. Fortunately this is because I am not in the habit, not because I am old. I know that because the same things happend to me in the the sixties and seventies, forty, fifty years ago, during the first days on my ocean passages when I was doing astro navigation. After a few days I get the hang of it, but then when I was back to the sextant after buildning a new boat a few years later, again the first days were confusing.

Now like then I just have to be extra careful. Sailing the ocean, the sea looks all the same, luckily making a hull its pretty obvius if you have made a mistake in the calculations because you get a shape that does not look like a good boat.

Below are some pictures. First the half modell.

The notes for station # 500 that is 500 centimeter from the back.

Below some of the bulkheads and moulds. Hopefully they make a fair surface when lined up.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.