The hatches below the bed are now funtional. As a quicker alternative to the knot for closing and opening them. The pictures below show a gadget consisting of two textile eye loops connected with butyl rubber band.

The pictures below explain the function.

The textile eyes in place around the three cleats.

From hatches I have moved on to work with the center board. Below is a picture of the centerboard inside the centerboard case with its lifting and downhaul mecanism – it is not weighted and will have to be pushed down -. It is hanging in a string being weighted. Unfortunatly the scale did not fit into the photograph – well may be fortunatly because it is at 38 kilos a bit overweight.

Next step is to fine tune the mechanism to make it run smothly.

Janneke has been of great help the past month. Tomorrow she takes the bus back to Holland.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.