One reason I did a restart on Madeira was that the stering system jammed. Here is a better and lighter system. The rudder head has two pintles. The upper one is through the tiller and to the transom. That way the hole for the tiller to enter the cabin is minimal and easily sealed with a bellow. The picture show a model scale 1:2 of my transom. The two round rings indicate the windows.
This picture is more from the abowe. The torx screw on the transom indicates the pintle.

There will also be an outside tiller abouve for sheet to tiller and maneovring in tight places.

Four strong points have been added.
The hull is reinforced with several extra layers of glassfibre in NM-epoxy on inside and outside. There is large backing plates for the six M6 screws on the inside.
The strong points is made of 25 mm pipe. This helps to prevent chafe on ropes. I can lift the whole boat on any of the strong points. The two on the transom will be used in gales to tow chains. I have not used this technique before nor heard of anyone else using it but for a small boat I beliwe it is a good idea. Anywhay there is chain aboard for the anchor. The aft strong points is wery easily reaching standing in the aft hatch. No need to go on the deck. That would be cumbersome.