Its a small step for mankind but a huge one for me. I have a hull and I am very happy about that.

Please keep support my project.

Her weight is 182 kilos. Her lenght is 580 cm. Her beam 123 cm, same as Matt Laydens Paradox, a boat a have sailed a lot. I have not copied Matts beam. Its convergent evolution. Concerning the weight I am happy about it and in general with the work so far. Everything looks very promising.

Below 3 pictures.

Exlex Minor is a big enough boat for an old modest man. There is even place for a small girl. Only a show-off has use for a bigger boat.
The boat is weighted for and aft. Here the scale showing the forward reading of 50 kilos.
Adding the numbers. Forward 50 kilos and aft 132 kilos gives a total of 182 kilos. Exlex Minor have a very strong bottom. The Divinycell has a density of 350 kilos a cubic meter, also there is several layers of glass fiber on the bottom for beach landing. I have also done a calculation of the center of gravity by measuring the distance between the two points of weighing.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind