The outside laminate is now done. For that I needed help. It took some time before frends of mine from all over Sweden cold come on the same day. This is an important step becouse now I can take the boat out of the mould and turn her around and make her mobile for the first time. Click once or twice the  pictures to enlarge them.

This is the boat before the start.

Here the crew are almost done. Everything went very smouthly. After four houers we finished. The new NM-epxy  625 with its excellent wetting properties and exteremly long open time made work easy.

The peel ply is coming on. Captain Thomas closest to the camera. We sailed an old Albin Vega from Sweden to Florida. We have now also written a book about the venture, to be published 27 of August.

Job done. The crew pose for a group picture. From left to right, Beppe webbmaster, Yrvind, Peter Ohlman son of one of my class mates, Jonas has built and sailed a boat to my design acraoss the Atlantic together with his wife Ingrid, Jerker from  TBB Finance group, he works in the same building and is always willing to give me a helping hand, Monica Ohlman, wife of my Class Mate. Mattias small boat builder from Västerås, the above mentioned Captain Thomas, finally Lars Ohlman, my class mate from childhood. I thank them all for an excellent job and for having survived my bossing.

Laminating done.

Today I have done a bit of cleaning up and peeling the peel ply before the NM-epoxy sets to hard.

Last week we tried to sail the big model. There was no wind. Tomorrow we hope for some.

To bee continued…

Regards Yrvind.