I have now decided to have the masts fixt side by side, not mowing them. In the masts there will be lightning conductors. They will be earthed to bronze soles,  one on each side below the masts. In addition the bronze soles will also give some weight low down about 100 kilos for additional stability when I am low on water and food. I chose bronze for its electrical conductivity, antifouling properties and chafe resistance. the latter is important when taking the ground and touching rocks and other underwater obstacels I may encounter cruising close to the shore.

I have begunn to make the pattern from square-cut Divinycell glassfibre and NM-epoxy. I begunn by insulating the hull then putting a layer of glassfiber on top of that comes the Divinycell. I weigh it down with lead-weights. to prevent them from sliding I use sandpaper.

On top of the insulation made from household plastic wrap is the Divinycell and weights.

Here is a close-up. Click once or twice on the pictures to enlarge.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.