I have been working on the ventilation systems for weeks adding piece to piece usually six a day to the ducts. The two ducts for incoming air and outgoing each cross the boat just below the deck two times, then incoming air is ducted down to the bilges outgoing air ducted from bilges up to the deck. There is also water seals to prevent air escaping but letting spray out. This work is not really visible , but it is done and I am finished with it and I am happy about that becouse it has been drawn out and made me work long houers. Also done is most of the work in my sleeping room and in the aft saloon.

The fore deck on the other hand have been done in a few days and have changed the look of the boat very much.

Below a few pictures.

One mold to help to give the shape of the fore deck.
Me mixing NM-epoxy. Magnus who took the picture helped me to lift on the fore deck.
The piece in position, wighted down. Next work is shaping the fore deck and then laminating it. The inside surface is already laminated. That was done on the table.

To be continued…

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Regards Yrvind