Not many photos were taken during the crossing. Why? I have spent many years at sea and have many already. An other reason. Impressions of the mind comes from several senses simultanius. The feeling of the warm trade wind on the skin, the rytm of the boat heaving, the gorgling sound created by the water as it flows along the hull. These  impression worked on my mind which unlike the modern civilised mind was not overstimulated by other people, electronic devices, signs everywhere.

Todays impressions work on the mind like strong spices. When you stop using them food is tasteless for a long time. Finally the bodys senses creates more sensors and can start to feel the real taste of food. Should spices be avoided. I think so. Vine destroys the taste of water.

Its a bit like a blind person. He can orient himself amazingly well without seeing compared to an ordinary person which suddenly finds himself in darkness.

The same thing at sea it takes a long time many weeks before the senses have adapted. When you give a photo of what you see to an other person it does not make the same impression.

The sea has to be experinced to be be able to make a true impression, experienced through a long time, not just raced through.

Anyway here are a few pictures. Click on them once or twice to make them bigger.

Leaving Porto Santo behind.

The day after I left Porto Santo 150 or so Minitransat Solo Racers left Funchel for Bahia Brasil. Here is one I saw at down.

Typicall trade wind good weather cloads. It did not always look like this but often enough.

A few minutes before it was hewy rain and me having a one of the few freshwater shower of the crossing. As a farewell he sent me two rainbows. Thank you freindly claoud.

Regards Yrvind