Hello Friends. Here are some pictures from my work on the system to control stearing from the bunk.

I have no self stearing on my boats. I control the boat by adjusting tiller and sails. More often than not there is a windchange when I am in bunk.

Its therefore desireble to be able to control the rudder from there. At the same time I do not want water to enter the boat so there are leather seals on pistons in carbon pipes.

Below making the seals: The leather in the tool after being soakt in water for a day and dried to take the new shape.

Cutting her clean.

The tool dismantled

The product

The seals on the piston. By dividing the rope there will be no wicking effect.

The ropes the piston ready to enter the pipe. The fairleads is also there.

The Fairleeds.

Lines coming into the boat

The lines in the bunk. Next step is to find the adjusting system.

Besides stearing the boat the two rudders will be used as a drouge and stabilising system when running downwind. By edging the two rudders a few degrees toe outhopefully I can make the boat go stright downwind in heavy weather.

To make it easier to work on the inside I will wait a bit by adding the full deck.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.