Today the 27 of August it is exactly one month since I came back from my voyage in Exlex. The progress of Exlex Minor is going well. Today I put on the first pieces of Divinycell on the mould. Pictures below.

The first three pictures show how I managed to bevel the bow with the help of trunnels. This is the first step in converting a hard chine boat to a boat with a spoon bow. When the Divinycell comes on more shaping will be done.

The bow from the side showing how the trunnels keep the plywood in position.

Below, one more close up of the trunnels.

The male plug is now ready to take on the Divinycell, but first I insulate it with a plastic film to prevent the Divinycell from getting glued to the plug by any epoxy leaking between the pieces.

Finally two sheets of Divinycell H 100 40 mm thick is in place.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind