There has been some progress. Things are finding there places.

Below the forward mastholders.

and aft mastholder. It was meant thet there should be one on each side also aft but unfortunatly it interfered with the two stearing lines, so one it is. It should have been at center but that interfered with the locker for the 15 kilo SPADE anchor so it is a bit offset to port.

There will be solar panels aft the main deck house. I do not like to walk on them so a rubrail on each side is added to take me back to the cockpit with its sculling oar and swim ladders.

The hardware to hold the rudders and yuloh is now fabricated.

The picture below show the mock up for the control lines.

My intention is to use the twin rudders in lieu of a drouge by angling them out. I must thus be able to control them individually. The idea of a connecting bar did not work to my satisfaction.

Becouse the rudders are at the side the tiller have to be angled at 20 degrees or so invards to give the lines scope to pull.

The control lines run the lenght of the boat making it possible to adjust them even from bed.

Below is a picture of my system for microadjusting them using a rigging screw. That system is sliding so that when courser adjustments are desired the thing can be mowed back or forth on a track. To get the lines from outside to inside seals are used running in pipes more about that later.

The rudderheads are now made and installed. They are about 5 cm thick. I could not use my drill press.  To be able to drill stright I looked at the mirror image of the drill in the fitting, when it was lined up with the the drill I was at right angle. Picture below.

Below is a picture of the rudders folded up.

The picture below show the rudder in the down position. The nut on the 20 mm bolt is welded to a wheel thuse making it easy to loch the rudders in the desired up or down position. The wheel is secured with a piece of string. Click on the picture once or twice to enlarge.

The rudders are rather large to get a lot of surface when using them as a drouge. Its nice to have control when running before a gale.

Here is a picture of the yuloh

Bengt Linden a supporter from Stockholm have also been visiting me.

Below next to the yellow boat that I sailed to Martinique with 2011.

Below inside the boat.

Bengt is bigger than me.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind