Yrvind Ten is now on even keel. I turned her with the moulds.

Click once or twice to enlarge.

First time in the boat, plenty of space. The deck starts at the top of the moulds. There will also be a deckhouse, not for comfort, but to give her rightning moment by boyancy the many times when she will be upside down.

The moulds removed.

A close up at the happy boat owner.

As always after an operation there is some cleaning up to do.

Finally one fine day the model got a bit more wind. By GPS she is making 1,5 knots. Speed increses with the square root of the waterline. The real boat is 8 times longer. Square root of 8 = 2,828 multiplied by 1,5 is 4,2 knots. The model with mast spars sails and their supports got to heavy, 3.631 kilos that multiplied by 8 cubed gives the full scale weight to 1859 kilos. That is plenty of spare capacity.

Do not get excited at the speed. Down the roaring forties there be pleenty of storms headwinds and calms and all kinds of truble. If I can get an average speed of two knots I be happy.

To bee continued…

Regards Yrvind.