Kåre Ljung an areodynamiker one of Ridders disciples, now working at Marströms, has helped me to modify a NACA-profile to suit my demands.

Here Gösta Larsson who kindly has offered to help me mill the rudder and CB Divinycell-core is programming his NC-machine to do the job.

Here Gösta is adjusting the machine.

Here he is advising me how to watch the machine mill the divinycell to size. The tolerance of the machine is better than a hundred of a millimeter. Fare more precise than what I need.

Here Im watching the machine doing the precision work. Thank you Gösta and your company Larsons mekaniska i Hjorted.

In the meantime Börje from BT-Hantverk has done the rudderfitting. Shown below.

Here I am doing a bit of mockup with the stearing lines I use instead of a tiller, saving a bit of place on my small aft deck. Tacking care that I get a god angle of the lines also when the boat is going backwords and there is a reverse pressure on the rudder.

Sad comment. Even in our little quite town of Västervik there is vandals, bored people. Here someone has destroyed our nice little clock in the park outside by throwing a stone at it.
One of the good things with siglehanded ocean sailing is that you are fare away from the vandals. Life on the ocean wave is freindly.