Today the rudder fittings are done. They are very strong and very heavy.

The rudder is an important part of the boat. Many boats have been lost because to the rudder. One of the most dramatic loss happend to an acquaintance of mine. I do not know him well but met him a few times in Norway. His name is Staale Jordan when he lost his rudder he was only 23 years old. He had borrowed his fathers boat, 34 feet long and was on his way round the world eastabout non stop, 70 miles southwest of Cape Horn in a force 11 Beaufort storm a wave swept away his rudder. The wind was blowing from nortwest and he was drifting towards Antarctica. He had a sattelite phone and called the Chilian coast guard for help. How many aboard they asked. I am alone he answered. Sorry they said in this kind of storm we risk to lose more people than we can save. He tried the Norwegian coast gard. They contacted a ship that by chance was close by. Young and fit he was able to jump to a ladder they let down. Flyt Forlag Norway has a book: Våghalsen, about the adventure.

Below is photos of my fittings.

The two fittings on the scale. 4488.5 grams or close to 4.5 kilos.
The fittings on the work bench. The lower one has a little skeg in front of the pintle to prevent from catching lobster pots and such things. The two 13 millimeter diameter holes is to attatch a Dynema line to drag or lift Exlex.

Våghalsen. Forfatter: Trude Audny Ødegård. Flyt forlag.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.