I am now safe back home. My latest voyage have been a wonderful experience, the memorys of it will stay with me forever and brighten my days. Consequently I now will try to get some money to start a new ocean crossing project.

From Martinique I flow to Paris to the boatshow. Martine a French girl who sailed with me in the 4,25 meter long Anna 1968 was at the Orly airport to meet me. She lived very close to the boatshow which was convienient. I enjoyed Paris for a weak, bought many books.  Saterday 9 Dec I flew to or tried to flew to Göteborg. Getting close there where much turbulence. That did not affect me much having been bounced across the Atlantic in a small boat.

The other passangers reaction was different. Some started to cry womit and faint. The shaking was definitly violent. A few meters from the ground the airplane was wobbling to much to my liking and evidently also to the pilots becouse he took of climed the sky agian and finally set us down in Malmö a three houers bus ride from Göteborg which turned into a five houers drive becouse of the strong winds.

In Göteborg the high bridges were closed and tunnels vere floded, but finally I met my freind Captain Thomas my adept I sailed to Florida with when he was 19 in 2007.

We have now finished the manuscript about that voyage, now ready to edit.

Naturally it has been difficult to contact me during my sail. I am not much for writing e-mails. The best way of contacting me is to phone me between 20 and 22 hours Swedish time at

0046 490 2 15 30. In the evening am relaxed and have time to ansver your questions politely. Short calls can be made anytime to my mobile phone 0046 70 620 05 50.

Persons having a positive interest in the design, building and voyaging in small boats are wellcome to call. Societys and companys willing to engage me for a lecture are also wellcome to call.

Regards Yrvind.