Sailing in Hunnebostrand west coast of Sweden in light winds

I am staying in Hunnebostrand with friends testing Exlex.

The natives are friendly.

Imam getting more and more used to handle her and the procedure to set and fold sails are getting quicker and quicker. To live in Exlex is very comfortable as there is plenty of space. She is very roomy. Exlex treats me very well and I am happy in her. I may stay a few weeks more here before bringing her back to my workshop on the east coast to do a list of modifications during winter. I May I intend to trail her to Dingle western Ireland then 1200 miles 25 days to Madeira then 5500 miles to Mar del Plata in Argentina 95 days, the 8000 miles to Albany Australia 150 days assuming 2,5 knots or 60 miles a day average. This is the plan a start. Reality may be very different. We will find out.

Regards Yrvind