On Exlex I had a diameter 25 mm stainless steel pipe beside the bed to secure my seafety belt to. It was heavy. Exlex Minors middle name is now Light so here I will use a rope saturated with NM-epoxy attatched to Divinycell.

Here I am doing a mock up. Later the thing will be be laminated to give extre reenforcement where needed.

Below pictures.

A 15 mm rope is sawn on to a 20 mm H200 piece of divinycell using my sailmakers palm.
Saturated with NM-epoxy the rope becomes very stiff. Think of a frosen rope but even much more stiff.
This arrangement allows me to tie down the jerrycans and also in breaking seas get a safety belt attached. This is a mock up. The real thing will be reenforced with fibers, carbon fibers I belive.

Using textile instead of metall safes a lot of weight. This is in the interest of speed.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.