The spars and fittings has become to heavy.
Back to square one.
The first set was made of wood and the fittings metall. It became far to heavy.
Now one mast is gone. Left is two mast 2 yards and 2 booms made of carbon. The metall fittings is replaced by knots.
Photos below illustrates.

The weight of the fitting is 0,215 kilos. 4 on each sail 2 sails = 1,72 kilos

Instead I now use knots.

A wooden test piece is here tested to 150 kilos. At 250 kilos the wooden spar broke.

Turks head knots akt as stoppers. Dynema rope twice around the spar secured with a buntline hitch. The sail will be atached by a backturn and a half hitch.

This system is only a fraction of the previus weight.

The wooden spars is now replaced by carbon spars.

The weight of the rigging is reduced to one third.

Progress have also been made on the yuloh.

The new one got much better balance. The blade is now 18 cm wide instead of 12. It will move more water for higher efficiency.

Tomorrow I drive to Göteborg for the boat show and other things including a vacuumchamber to pack food.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.