Yesterday I gloud the last piece of Divinycell on the hull of Exlex Minor.

Today I have been shaping her.  There is more shaping to be done using the long board. The though Divinycell 350 kilo per kubic meter is hard to form but with patience I get there.

Below are three pictures.

I am afraid that this picture is not very sharp.
Exlex is now 579 centimeters long. Lamination will give about 1 more centimeter giving her 580 centimeters long. Her beam have grown to 122 centimeters. There is 21 centimeters overhang giving her an watertline of 558 centimetres at 817 kilo weight if her prismatic is 0.6. Ther prismatic might be more wich would be fine with me. 558cm is about 18 feet and 3 inches.
Exlex stern is flat and square.

Next step is to laminate her outside. For that I need help of friends. I need 6 persons minimum 12 would be better. because there will be many layers of glass. Being a beach landing craft she needs a strong bottom.

Hard to say wich week end the lamination will occur so dear viewer be patient.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind